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Third Party Liability Only Insurance

Once you hit the roads you are bound to drive consciously following all the rules and traffic regulations. What if you accidently lose control or make a wrong move and end up hitting another vehicle or a person on the road? Such an accident may hamper the physical well-being of the person or damage the other vehicle completely. Under such circumstances meeting the medical expenses of the other driver’s vehicle or meeting his/her vehicle repair costs may lead to a financial loss. To avoid such a financial loss and stressful situation, it’s always safe to opt for Third Party Liability only policy.

HDFC ERGO offers Third Party Liability only policy to safeguard you from unexpected and unforeseen expenses. It provides cover against all kinds of vehicles – personal as well as commercial, for smooth driving experience on the road. By law, it is mandatory to opt for a Third Party Liability Only Policy before hitting the roads.

Why choose HDFC ERGO Third Party Liability only Insurance?

  • Buy online for added convenience
    Wherever you go, get your vehicle covered on your fingertips
  • 24*7 Support
    HDFC ERGO offers round the clock support for convenience and a hassle-free experience. For online purchase assistance call us on 1800 2666 400, we would be glad to assist you.
  • Trusted by Millions
    With over 75 lakhs happy customers, HDFC ERGO is a recognized brand for taking care of your insurance needs. The brand has been assigned ‘iAAA’rating by ICRA indicating its highest claim paying ability.
  • Fair and transparent claim settlement policies
    HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance claims are settled with utmost transparency.

What gets covered under Third Party Liability?

1. Third Party Liability Person

Did your vehicle cause injuries to another person? Worry not! Your third-party insurance coverage offer coverage to all your liabilities related to medical needs of a third party.

2. Third Party Property Damage

Did you accidentally collide with another person’s vehicle or property? If yes, do not worry as we cover Rs. 7.5 Lacs towards third party property damages.

3. Personal accident cover

You can opt for Compulsory Personal Accident Cover, only if you have driving license. You can skip this if you have personal accident policy of Rs 15 Lacs or have another motor insurance policy with "Compulsory Personal Accident Cover" of Rs 15 Lacs.

What does not get covered?

1. Contractual liability claims
2. Death, that may arise out of or in the course of employment of a person in the employment of the insured or any other person who is liable for reimbursement under this policy or any kind of bodily injuries sustained by a person that may arise in the event of such an employment
3. Liabilities that may arise directly or indirectly from nuclear weapons materials

*Please note these are illustrative exclusions. For a detailed informative list, kindly refer the policy wordings.

*This content is descriptive only. Actual coverage is Subject to the language of policy issued.


(As per Supreme Court ruling, starting from 1st  Sept, 2018, 3 years third party cover is mandatory.)

Third Party Liability Insurance FAQs

  • Who can buy third party liability insurance policy?

    Any vehicle owner whose vehicle is registered with the Regional Transport Authority in India can buy this motor policy.
  • Can I port my pre-existing third party liability insurance plan?

    Yes, you can port your existing third party liability insurance scheme from your current insurance company to HDFC ERGOs Third Party Liability plan. You need fill the insurance portability application form and submit it at our office 45 days prior to the last date of renewal of your existing motor policy.
  • Can I purchase third party liability insurance online?

    Yes. HDFC ERGO offers the benefit of purchasing this insurance policy online. You can make payments via our secure payment gateways and get policies without any hassles.
  • What is the amount of premium I will have to pay?

    The payable premium on this motor liability insurance depends upon varying factors. You can easily calculate your premium with the online premium calculator available on our website.
  • How to claim?

    • In case of a third party claim:-
    • Inform us immediately on 1800 2666 400
    • After receiving summon from Court, you will be intimated about the claim settlement
    • You are required to submit the claim form along with necessary documents which will be informed to you by our executive.
  • What are the benefits of this insurance plan?

    • HDFC ERGOs third party insurance policy takes care of the following:-
    • Death or bodily injury to a third party
    • Damage to third party property
    • Accidental death of owner-driver
    • Permanent total disability suffered by owner-driver
  • What is the maximum compensation offered to third party property damage under this scheme?

    In case of property damage, compensation will amount to a maximum amount of Rs. 7.5 lacs.
  • What is the period of this policy?

    A third party insurance plan by HDFC ERGO is usually valid for a period of one year and has to be renewed before the due date. Please note, no grace period is granted for paying the premium.
  • What is the procedure of recording changes in the policy?

    In case there are changes in the motor policy like change of insured's address or modifications to the plan, it will be done by an 'endorsement'. You need to submit a letter to HDFC ERGO with proof of the changes and obtain the endorsement. Please note, some endorsements may require you to pay an additional amount of premium.
  • have lost my insurance policy. Can I get a duplicate copy?

    Yes, please approach HDFC ERGO's office with a written request. A nominal fee shall be charged for issuing a duplicate copy.
  • Is Service Tax applicable and what is the amount?

    Yes, Service Tax is applicable and would depend upon the pre-existing rule of law.