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Long Term Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance Policy Online - HDFC ERGO
Two Wheeler Liability Multi Year Insurance When it's your only vehicle, the precautions should be worth it
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Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Riding a two wheeler gives you an edge against traffic; however it is also vulnerable to road accidents. As per the recent Stats Two Wheeler accident cases are rising high each day. To secure your Two Wheeler against unforeseen expenses and enjoy total peace while riding your two-wheeler, it is advisable to opt for a Two Wheeler Insurance by HDFC ERGO.

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Policies not only gives you the freedom to ride your two-wheeler with complete peace of mind but also gives ease to your pocket with a discount up to 70%*.

A comprehensive two wheeler policy offers total protection against possible threats of accidental damage and third party liability. Unlike third party liability only, a comprehensive two wheeler policy is a friend for your bike or scooter which back you up at difficult situations.

Not only that, the option of long term two wheeler insurance doubles the benefit as it assures savings against annual third party premium hike. Additionally, the No claim bonus discount feature in two and three years policies rewards you for every claim-free year.

Are you already holding a Third Party Liability Policy?

Third party liability policy is a motor insurance policy that doesn’t cover your vehicle against any accidental damage or theft. In case you already hold a third party liability policy, then it’s always recommended to opt for a comprehensive policy.

Why choose HDFC ERGO?

  • Secured Over 1 Crore + Smiles!
    Take a quick look at our customer base, and you are sure to be amazed to see 1 Crore+ policy issuance! The multitude of awards received by us including the IAAA and ICRA ratings further speak about our trustworthiness, credibility and highest claim paying abilities!
  • We Love Claims!
    Our claim settlement policy is as clear as the crystal-clear waters. Transparency holds the key to our transactions, and you can be assured of getting the seamless claim procedures.
  • Trusted by Millions
    With over 75 lakhs happy customers, HDFC ERGO is a recognized brand for taking care of your insurance needs. The brand has been assigned ‘iAAA’rating by ICRA indicating its highest claim paying ability.
  • All the support you need- 24 x 7!
    Get hassle-free support every day, every week whenever and wherever you need! Isn’t that great? To know someone has your back even in the middle of the night?


  • Unbelievable discounts upto 70%*
    Yes! It is hard to believe! But HDFC ERGO always does the unbelievable, and that is why it is the top pick of every Two Wheeler enthusiast out there! Look for your discounts!
  • Go Paperless! Go Boundless!
    Why go through the fuss of lengthy, time-consuming procedures when HDFC ERGO gives you all you need in a flash? Get your two-wheeler covered!
  • Make Your Pick! Get The Coverage You Need!
    HDFC ERGO offers you two types of two-wheeler insurance policies, the Long-term two-wheeler package Insurance and the liability only Insurance.
  • No Limits on Claims
    You can make unlimited claims with our Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance! Now, conquer the roads and ride safely.

What gets covered under Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance?

  • Accidents
    Accidents are unfortunate. However, if it has taken place, we get you covered.
  • Theft
    If you bike gets stolen it is nothing less than a nightmare. Quit the stress and leave it us, as we cover total loss of your two wheeler due to theft.
  • Fire & Explosion
    If fire incidents, explosion, lightening or self-ignition damage your two wheeler. Stay calm. We Can Handle This!
  • Calamities
    Both Manmade and Natural calamities leave a lasting impact, similarly if your two wheeler gets damaged due to earthquake, landslide, floods, riots, terrorism etc. your finances may take a toll. For repairing your two wheeler and getting it back to running we shall cover you.
  • Personal Accident
    In case of injuries due to car accidents, we cover all your treatments and make sure you are healthy and lively above anything else!
  • Third Party Liability
    Third Party liability helps you cover losses caused due to death or injury to a third party person or damage to a third party property.

Zero Depreciation Claim

  • Get the Entire Amount With Zero Depreciation Cover!
    Usually, insurance policies pay out covers after the deduction of the depreciation amount. But, with a zero-depreciation cover, no deductions are made, and you get the entire amount in your hands! The battery costs and tires do not come under zero depreciation cover though.
  • How does it Work?
    If you two wheeler is damaged and the claim amount is Rs 5000, out of which insurance company says that you need to pay Rs. 2000 as depreciation amount excluding policy excess/deductible. If you buy this add on cover then, the insurance company will pay the entire amount. However, policy excess/deductible needs to be paid by the customer, which is quite nominal.

Emergency Assistance Cover

  • We’ve got you covered!
    We are here to offer you round-the-clock assistance to deal with any technical or mechanical breakdown issues of your car! The emergency assistance cover includes minor repairs on site, lost key assistance, duplicate key issue, tyre changes, battery jump starts, fuel tank emptying and towing charges!
  • How does it Work?
    For instance, if you are driving your two wheeler and there is damage, it needs to be towed to a garage. With this add on cover, you may call the insurer and they will get your vehicle towed to the nearest possible garage.

What does not get covered under Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance?

  • Depreciation
    We do not cover depreciation in the value of the car over time.
  • Electrical & Mechanical Breakdown
    Any electrical or mechanical breakdowns remain uncovered under our car insurance policy.
  • Illegal Driving
    Your car insurance goes out of action if you do not possess a valid driving license. Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol remains out of car insurance coverage scope.

*Please note that the above mentioned points are illustrative exclusions. Kindly refer to policy wordings.

(As per Supreme Court ruling, starting from 1st Sept, 2018, 5 years third party cover is mandatory only for brand new two wheelers.)


  • What is HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance?
    It is an insurance policy to cover your vehicle against potential risks like theft, accidental damage, third party liability & many others, through a single policy document. Please select appropriate choice, while buying policy Online.
  • What benefits shall I get on Long Term policy?
    You shall have following benefits over single year policy:
    • Convenience of insurance, protection for long term
    • Longer policy duration means “No worry for annual renewals”
    • Third party premium by regulator gets fixed today for full policy period i.e. buy two or three years policy today to realize your saving.
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Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance