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Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance

Effective from 01-Jan-2019, IRDAI has brought changes to “Compulsory Personal Accident Cover” for vehicle owners holding valid driving license. It means that these changes are applicable only to vehicle owners, who are lawfully able to drive nay owned vehicle on-road.

Now you can opt out from buying this cover with your motor insurance policies, subject to following conditions laid down by IRDAI:

  • You already hold Personal Accident Cover Policy of at least Rs 15 Lakhs sum insured
  • Alternatively you already have motor insurance policy of another vehicle with “Compulsory Personal Accident” cover of Rs 15 Lakhs sum insured

As per IRDAI mandate, you can choose to buy separate “Compulsory Personal Accident Cover” policy also to cover against accidental risks, while driving your own vehicle. This policy can be bought for any type of vehicle like private car, taxi, two wheeler and commercial vehicles (trucks, buses etc).

  • Cover accidental risks to vehicle owner for all vehicles
  • Rs 15 Lakhs sum inured for Accidental Death
  • Up to Rs 15 Lakhs sum insured for Permanent Disablement
  • No documentation needed to buy this policy
  • Cover applicable only, while driving owned vehicle or while mounting / dismounting from owned vehicle or traveling in the insured vehicle as a co–driver.
  • 100% sum insured payment to nominee, in event of death of owner
  • Lump sum payment to nominee, in event of death of owner, due to accident, while driving vehicle
  • In event of permanent disablement, compensation is payable as below
    • 100% sum insured for loss of both limbs (arm or leg) or sight of both eyes or sight of one eye and one limb
    • 50% of sum insured for loss of sight of one eye or one limb
    • 100% sum insured for permanent disablement, not covered above

Cover is not available

  • If vehicle owner does not hold valid or effective driving license
  • If death or permanent disablement occurs, while not driving own vehicle

* For a detailed informative list, kindly refer the policy wordings.

(For this cover, Tax benefits under section 80D are not available. No cumulative bonus available at renewal in event of “No Claim” during previous policy tenure)

Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance