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Maternity Insurance

Motherhood is indeed the best phase of every woman’s life journey; it’s a beautiful feeling of giving birth.However, welcoming this new member calls for a lot of additional responsibilities too. For embracing motherhood in a smooth way with quality medical attention, it’s advisable to opt for maternity insurance. Maternity insurance helps in covering the cost of child birth, pre natal and post natal expenses. This health insurance plan for pregnancy will help in securing the mother as well as the new born.

In a nut shell, Maternity Insurance is the right financial planning for your future. With the growing days pregnancy insurance is gaining tremendous impact in India. HDFC ERGO understands this emotional phase that you go through and hence it offers two health insurance plans that offer maternity benefits for you and your family.

Why is it essential to opt for Maternity Insurance by HDFC ERGO?

Maternity insurance or pregnancy health plan covers medical costs arising due to child birth. While you are busy taking care of the expecting mother, HDFC ERGO Health Insurance takes care of the medical expenses keeping you free from financial burden. HDFC ERGO offers health insurance with maternity benefits in two of its plans namely; Health Suraksha Gold &Medisure Classic. Both these plans offer ample of benefits along with maternity cover after a continuous renewal of 4 years.

About Health Suraksha Gold

Health Suraksha Gold is uniquely designed to meet your maternity medical needs. It provides maximum coverage at an affordable cost. Choosing Health Suraksha Gold will indeed give you complete protection and safeguards you from spiralling medical expenses. You can also add health Suraksha Goldplan with your existing employee health insurance for getting maternity benefits.To read more click here

About my:healthMedisureclassic

HDFC ERGO presents Medisure classic insurance, a health insurance plan that helps in meeting your medical necessities for pregnancy. You can also add medisure classic insurance with your employee health insurance for a larger cover to safeguard your future maternity expenses. This health insurance policy is designed to ensure complete well-being and total protection. Choosing Medisure Classic shall offer protective cover for your new born and also reduce the financial burden arising due to inflatingmedical expenses. To read more click here

Waiting Period and Its Role In Maternity Policy

Waiting periods are the minimum tenure for which one needs to wait to get the maternity expenses covered. Only after the waiting period is completed due to continuos renewals, one can avail the benefits offered under the maternity section. Buying a health insurance plan during the early phase of life helps widely in getting away with waiting periods.

Key Highlights

  • Wide range of plans to choose from : HDFC ERGO offers a wide selection of plans to match your requirements.
  • Network of over 8600 hospitals : HDFC ERGO has tied up with a wide list of hospitals to offer cashless hospitalization for its customers. Click here to find the list of hospitals.
  • 24*7 Support : Within house claim support team, HDFC ERGO offers round the clock support for your convenience and a hassle free claim settlement experience.
  • Trusted by Millions : HDFC ERGOis a recognized brand for taking care of your insurance needs. With over 75 lac+ happy customers, the brand has been assigned ‘iAAA’rating by ICRA indicating its highest claim paying ability.


  • Hospitalization Expenses: In patient expenses related to child delivery for Normalwe offer up to 10% of sum insured or 20,000, whichever is lower,for Caesarean delivery 20% of sum insured or 40,000 whichever is lower.
  • Pre Natal & Post Natal Pregnancy expenses:  Under Maternity benefit, pre pregnancy medical expenses such as diagnosis, Doctorvisits and medical expenses gets covered. It also covers post pregnancy medical expenses for the new born as well as the mother to ensure they both are doing fine.
  • New born expenses: Medical expenses for the new born also gets covered
  • Vaccination expenses: In case the new born requires vaccinations for immunization against diseases, HDFC ERGO maternity care offers a medical cover for these expenses as well.

Both Health Suraksha Gold as well as medisure: Classic plan are apt for maternity insurance and helps in covering the vast medical expenses related to pregnancy. Let’s take a look at the below table to understand the coverage offered by both the Health Insurance plans.

Maternity Benefit Health Suraksha Gold my:health Medisure Classic
Hospitalization Expenses Yes Yes
Pre-Post Natal Expenses Yes Yes
New Born Cover Yes Yes
Immunization No Yes
Coverage For Normal delivery 15000 20000 or 10% of sum insured
Coverage for Caesarean delivery 25,000 40,000 or 20% of sum insured
Waiting period 4 years 4 years

Exclusions of Maternity Medical Insurance

• HIV/AIDS, medical expenses arising due to intoxication, plastic or cosmetic surgery, self-inflicted injuries, war related injuries.

(T&C apply. For detailed information on exclusion, please refer the policy wordings.)


  • 1. When is the right time to get Pregnancy Cover?

    Sooner the better, you must opt for a health insurance policy well in advance so as to ensure your pregnancy post finishing the waiting period.
  • 2. Does normal health insurance policy have pregnancy cover?

    Most of the health insurance policies offer Maternity insurance as an add-on or optional cover. However, with HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold and my: health Medisure Classic it comes as an in-built product feature.
  • Can I get covered with Maternity Insurance if I am already pregnant?

    At HDFC ERGO the minimum waiting period for covering pregnancy expenses is 4 years. You can opt for maternity insurance to secure your future medical expense
  • Is my new born baby covered under maternity insurance plan?

    Yes, both Health Suraksha Gold as well as medisure: classic offers you new born cover for meeting the expenses related to the baby post-delivery.
  • How do I claim for maternity insurance?

    Claim process is quite simple with HDFC ERGO Health Insurance click here to know more about the claim process.
  • Can I claim for maternity cover if I visit a foreign country for child birth?

    No. HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policies function under the Indian Jurisdiction only. Overseas treatment and claims shall not be entertained.