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Health Insurance Premium Calculator Online

Health Insurance Plans are designed to offer wider health coverage to reduce the burden on finances at the time of medical emergency. Before buying a health insurance policy online, it’s advisable to read the list of coverage, exclusion and waiting periods. Similarly, calculating the premium amount is equally important.  Health Insurance premium calculator helps you compare between various plans based upon your requirements.  Though, premium shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing health insurance plans. It helps you know the quotes to pick the right plan.

How to Calculate Medical Insurance Premium?

Calculating health insurance premium with HDFC ERGO is simple, easy and convenient.  Simply click on the “Calculate My Health Insurance Premium” and generate health insurance premium effortlessly. By entering your personal details and insured and their age you can calculate your premium easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors affect health insurance cost?

Answer: Premiums are decided up on various factors such as
Age: Higher the age, higher probability of medical issues, higher the premium.
Number of people covered: Premium for individual cover would be less as compared to a family floater.
With pre-existing disease and family history, the premium may rise

By securing an acknowledgement from IRDAI, HDFC ERGO decides on the premium for all the health insurance plans offered.

2. How can I get medical insurance quotes?

Answer: By clicking on the buy now button; you can get the quotes easily. You can also call us on 1800 2700 700 or email us at

3. How to calculate medical insurance premium for parents?

Answer: The process remains the same, you have to enter the age and number of insurers for calculating the premium. However, in case of your parents they might have to undergo a health check-up before policy issuance.

4. How to use calculator for family health insurance premium calculation?

Answer: The process remains the same, you have to enter the age and number of insured for calculating the premium.

5. How to compare health insurance premium?

Answer: By calculating premiums, comparing coverage and exclusions you can compare and choose the best policy to safeguard your family’s medical needs.