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HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Insurance Policy

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Health Insurance Plans For Family In India

Your family members are very close to your heart. These relationships are meant to last forever as you spend most of your time with family, sharing joys and sorrows. Slightest stress caused to any one of your family member impacts the entire family. In order to protect your beloved family and keep them happy at all times, it is essential to safeguard their health. With the growing risks of diseases and tremendous increase in medical treatment expenses, it’s difficult to meet the health necessities of your family without a health Insurance policy. To meet unexpected medical emergencies and keep your family protected during difficult times, you must opt for Health Suraksha Gold Insurance Policy for family.

Health Insurance for family can be opted for

Family without Kids ( Self + Spouse ) 2 Adults --- Click here to buy

Family With 1 Kid (Self + Spouse + 1 Kid) 2 Adults + 1 Child --- Click here to buy

Family With 2 Kids (Self + Spouse + 2 Kids) 2 Adults + 2 Children: --- Click here to Buy

Health Suraksha Gold Insurance

Health Suraksha Gold is uniquely designed to protect your immediate family. It provides maximum coverage at an affordable cost. Choosing Health Suraksha Gold will indeed give your family a complete protection and safeguard you from the spiraling medical expenses. You can also add Health Suraksha Gold plan with your employee health insurance for a larger cover.

Key Highlights

  • No restrictions on hospital expenses such as room rent, doctor fees, investigations and medicine costs.
  • No entry age restriction
  • Maternity Benefit along with New Born baby cover
  • Free health check-ups on completing 4 claim-free years
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Massive chain of 8600+ network hospitals for cashless treatment
  • Tax savings upto Rupees 50,000* under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act

*Considering premium paid for self and parents of age below 60 years


  • Minimum Documentation
  • 10% discount if one opts for two year policy tenure
  • 10% discount for more than 2 family members on individual Sum Insured basis
  • Avail 5% Cumulative Bonus at the end of each claim-free year
  • Add-ons are available to suit individual needs
  • Hassle-free claim settlement procedure


  • Anybody above the age of 18 years can be the proposer in  this policy, there’s no maximum age restriction
  • Children between 91 days and 21 years are covered. Children below 5 years get covered only if both the parents are covered under the policy

What is covered?

  • In-patient Treatment due to illness and accident
  • Pre-hospitalization costs incurred 60 days prior hospitalization
  • Post-hospitalization costs incurred 90 days post discharge
  • Day care treatment, that do not require 24hrs hospitalization
  • Domiciliary Treatment, as advised by medical practitioner
  • Organ Donor Treatment 
  • Emergency Ambulance
  • Non Allopathic Treatment under AYUSH -  Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy
  • Maternity expenses and New Born baby covered upto limits specified

(T&C apply. For detailed information on covers, please refer the policy wordings.)

What is not covered?

HIV/AIDS, medical expenses arising due to intoxication, plastic or cosmetic surgery, self-inflicted injuries, War related injuries.

(T&C apply. For detailed information on exclusion, please refer the policy wordings.)


  • How to get health insurance for family of 4 members?

    Simply click on Buy Now and list all your family members by mentioning their age and Name to get them insured. You can cover your kids upto the age of 21 years. You can either go for Family Floater or choose to buy on individual Sum Insured basis.
  • Where can I get medical insurance for family of 3?

    Click on Buy Now and buy health insurance for three family members in one go.
  • What do you mean by annual Sum Insured?

    The annual Sum Insured is the maximum amount that Insurance Company will pay you, according to the insurance contract, in the event of a claim.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for purchasing the policy?

    HDFC ERGO's Health Suraksha Gold plan is open for all above the age of 91 days. There’s no limit on age.
  • Do these health policies offer any tax exemptions?

    Yes, Section 80 D of Income Tax Act, provides for a tax deduction from the total taxable income on the amount of medical insurance premium paid by an individual. The total maximum deduction that can be claimed is as follows.
    Proposed Content Medical Insurance premium paid in respect of Total Deduction under section 80D
    Age Self, spouse & dependent children Parents
    Both you and your parents are below 60 years age 25000 25000 50000
    Your age is below 60 years, however parents age is above 60 years 25000 50000 75000
    Both you and your parents are above 60 years age 50000 50000 100000
  • Are there any medical tests that I need to undergo to enrol myself?

    No pre-policy medical check-up is required for individuals’ up to 55 years* of age, subject to no health adversity.
  • What are Pre and Post Hospitalization expenses?

    Pre-hospitalization expenses means the medical expenses incurred for specified number of days prior to hospitalization for any disease / illness / injury sustained which is covered under the health insurance Policy. And post-hospitalization expenses means the medical expenses incurred for a specified number of days after discharge from the Hospital. In ‘Health Suraksha Gold’ the pre-hospitalization period is 60 days while the post-hospitalization period is 90 days.
  • What is meant by Day Care Procedures?

    Day care procedures are the medical procedures/surgeries wherein the person does not need to get hospitalized for more than 24 hours due to technological advancement. Health Suraksha Goldcovers 144 day care treatment.
  • What are Domiciliary Hospitalization or in home treatment expenses?

    The Medical Expenses incurred by an insured Person for medical treatment taken at his home, on the advice of the attending Medical practitioner, the insured Person could not be transferred to a Hospital or a Hospital bed was unavailable.
  • What is meant by Organ Donor Expenses?

    Organ donor expenses include all hospitalization expenses incurred by the donor for donating an organ (excluding the cost of the organ) to the insured during the course of an organ transplant.
  • What is covered under the AYUSH Benefit?

    Under AYUSH benefit HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Goldreimburses expenses for inpatient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha or Homeopathy.
  • What do you mean by Pre-Existing Diseases?

    Pre-Existing Disease means any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s) for which there were signs or symptoms, and / or were diagnosed, and / or for which medical advice / treatment was received within 48 months prior to the first policy issued by the insurer and renewed continuously thereafter.
  • What is Cumulative Bonus?

    Cumulative Bonus means any increase or addition in the Sum Insured granted by the insurer without an associated increase in premium. Under Health Suraksha, you can avail of 5% cumulative bonus for every claim free year maximum upto 50% of SI.
  • What is the procedure for reimbursement of medical expenses with HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha?

    Follow three simple steps to get your claim covered:
    1. Register your claim with us within 7 days of patient's discharge.
    2. Send the duly signed claim form and all the documents mentioned therein to us within 15 days of the occurrence of the incident.
    3. After receiving the complete set of claim documents, we will send the payment for admissible amount along with claim settlement statement within 30 days in the name of the proposer.
  • What are the benefits of a Health Card?

    A health card contains the contact details of the in house claim service team. In case of a medical emergency, you can call on these numbers for queries, clarifications and for seeking assistance. Moreover, you need to display your health card at the time of admission into the hospital.
  • Do I need to pay for Hospitalization?

    In case you are admitted in any of our network hospitals, you easily can avail cashless facility. We would directly reimburse all the admissible expenses to the hospital. However, in case of non-network hospitals, you will have to settle hospital bills at the time of discharge, and consequently, the same will be reimbursed to you by us as per Policy terms and condition, on submission of relevant document/s in originals
  • What is meant by Network Hospitals?

    Network Provider means hospitals or health care providers enlisted by an insurer, TPA or jointly by an Insurer and TPA to provide medical services to an insured by a cashless facility. For a complete list of network hospitals, Click here.
  • What is meant by Non-Network Hospitals?

    Non-Network means any hospital, day care centre or other provider that is not part of the network. The bills are settled by the Insured and the relevant documents and bills are subsequently submitted to the company. The amount, consequently, is reimbursed to the Insured.
  • Whom to contact in case of hospitalization?

    For hospitalization/claim, customer can contact via
    Call: 1800 2 700 700 (accessible from India only)
    Fax: 1860 2000 600
    Mobile App: Register our claim through our mobile app. Click here to view mobile app.
  • How can I port my existing health insurance with HDFC ERGO's Health Suraksha?

    If you own a health insurance plan issued by an Indian general insurer and you want to shift to HDFC ERGO on renewal, Health Suraksha Gold policy offers portability of accrued benefits and make due allowances for waiting period etc. as per the regulation and guidelines on portability issued by IRDA(Insurance Regulatory Development Authority). If you transfer your health insurance policy from any other Indian insurer and with enhanced coverage, then the portability benefits will be offered on the previous sum insured)
  • What is family floater policy?

    A family floater policy covers all family members under a single plan wherein they share a common Sum Insured.
  • How does it work?

    The sum assured is pre-determined and reduces as and when any member avails the benefits under the plan. Such plans cover you, parents, spouses, and children.
  • What are documents required?

    Some documents required include identity, age, and address proof of all covered members. In addition, the primary holder’s income proof is needed. Certain plans may require medical examination.
  • Do I need family floater if already covered in corporate insurance?

    Yes, it is recommended because the corporate insurance coverage may be insufficient. Moreover, if you change or lose your job, you will lose the coverage.
  • What happens if the primary insured passes away?

    If the primary insured passes away, the other adult member included in the policy may continue the policy.
  • Can I increase the sum assured for family plans?

    Sum insured can be increased at renewal subject to approval.
  • What is the claim reimbursement procedure?

    You must register the claim within seven days of discharge. You must attach all the documents along with the claim form. When all documents are duly received, you will receive a claim settlement letter within 30 days.
  • Does health insurance under family plan ensure cashless hospitalization?

    Yes it does.
  • Can I change the hospital during the course of treatment?

    Yes, most plans allow you to change the hospital during the course of treatment. However, you must provide the necessary information to evaluate your case.
  • Will I be covered in case of overseas illness?

    Some insurers provide overseas benefits, such as pre-diagnosed planned hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and second opinion in case of sudden illness while travelling.
  • What can I do if cashless hospitalization is denied?

    You must check if the information provided is accurate and does not have any discrepancy. It may be denied if the condition is excluded from the plan. It is advisable to pay all the expenses and then file a claim.
  • How to get multiple insurance and how to claim under multiple plans?

    You can get multiple insurance policies from different companies. However, you must provide all information about existing policies to the other insurers.
  • How can I get a new member added to my existing family floater?

    You can easily add a new member by filling up a health declaration and endorsement form.

Calculate your health insurance premium here. Read more about health insurance here under our articles section.

(If you transfer your health insurance policy from any other Indian insurer and with enhanced coverage, then the portability benefits will be offered on the previous sum insured)

my:health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance For Family

Togetherness is the cherished feeling that we celebrate with family. Being with family and enjoying the best times together is indeed blissful. Even a little piece of stress caused to any one member may dishearten the entire family. To keep the happiness intact and deliver financial security, it’s essential to opt for a health insurance plan with larger cover. However, a very high cover health insurance can cost you a lot. HDFC ERGO understands your need for more and hence, it has come up with my:health Medisure Super Top up as an additional cover for expanding the existing health cover for your family at a very affordable cost.

Considered as one of most appealing health insurance plan for family by HDFC ERGO, Medisure Top up covers extensive medical costs effortlessly. It offers maximum coverage at affordable premium. For example 20 lakh coverage with Rs5 Lakhs aggregate deductible for a couple below age 35 needs to pay just only Rs. 3300 + taxes, isn’t it appealing?

You can add my:health Medisure Super Top Up to any of your existing HDFC ERGO health insurance plan or to any Health insurance you have purchased from other insurance company or even your employer's provided health cover. The beauty of this product is that it can complement any existing health insurance to ensure an adequate health cover for you and your family.

In case even if you do not have any existing policy you can still choose to buy your first health plan for Medisure Super Top up .

Isn’t it a one for all health insurance plan for meeting individual health needs?

Family Health Insurance